The Bylaws of the

Juneau Billiard Association

Mission Statement


The purpose of this league is to promote interest in the sport of pocket billiards. We will endeavor to see that it is played in a professional, sportsmanlike and competitive fashion. Through the collection of weekly dues and fees we will seek team representation on a national level.


League Name and Affiliation Status


This league shall be known as the Juneau Billiard Association, hereinafter referred to as “the league.”

The league is not specifically associated or affiliated with, or obligated to any local business, establishment or private enterprise.

The league will maintain a sanctioned status with a national league organization such as the Billiard Congress of America (BCA); the American Cue Sports (ACS); the Valley National 8-ball League Association (VNEA); or TAP Pool Leagues.  The JBA may dual sanction as allowable by the sanctioning bodies and that are in the best interests of the league.  All competitions will be under the rules and guidelines of this body.  Where there are conflicts between the rules of the sanctioning league and these bylaws, the bylaws will be controlling.




The league accepts no financial liability or responsibility for the conduct or actions of its members toward other members, other persons outside the league, businesses, properties or establishments.

The league will not be responsible or liable for any business or financial transaction conducted in its name without the written consent of the League Board.

No individual or group may use the league name to promote personal gain or profit without the consent of the League Board.

The league will abide by all of the laws of the State of Alaska, the City and Borough of Juneau, the federal government, and the league sanctioning body.


League Financial Status


This league is a non-profit organization. With the exception of approved expenses and disbursements, all funds collected will be returned to the membership.




In the event of dissolution of the league, all collected league dues will be distributed to all teams equally after all other obligations have been met.

Upon the disposition of the organization, the disposition of net proceeds from charitable gaming conducted under AS 05.15, will go to a charitable organization as defined at AS 05.15.690(5) or another qualified organization that is authorized to conduct an activity under AS 05.15.


Governing League Board


The league shall consist of all members found to be in good standing. A League Board consisting of a President, Vice-president, a Secretary, and a Treasurer shall govern the association in all concerns (“League Board” or “Board”).  The President and Vice President will be elected by the members at the year-end award ceremony.  The Treasurer will be nominated by the elected President and confirmed by the team captains at the first fall Captains Organizational Meeting.  The team captain’s will appoint a Secretary at their organizational meeting.

The President shall chair all meetings. In the absence of the President the line of succession shall be the Vice-president, the Secretary and the Treasurer. A quorum of seventy-five percent (75%) of the League Board must be present for the presiding officer to call the meeting to order.

This Board shall meet at least once a month to review the financial state of the league, to review projects and committees, to adjudicate protest and misconduct hearings, to approve proposed finances and to discuss other league business and affairs.

At the start of league, the team captains shall meet with the League Board in an Organizational Meeting at least a week prior to the beginning of play.  This organizational meeting shall discuss league schedules and rules of play, confirm the Treasurer and to elect a Secretary.


League Board Duties and Responsibilities


This is a league for the members and by the members. The League Board is the instrument by which their will is implemented.

This Board will review all finances and expenses as presented by the Treasurer. It will approve all anticipated expenses over the amount of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00). The League Board will review and set all fees and dues.

League Board meetings are to be open. Any member who is in good standing may attend any League Board meeting. They are, however, not to take an active role. All communications is to be between Board members unless otherwise requested by the Board.

A Secretary will take notes of these meetings. Any member in good standing may request copies of these.  These minutes will be presented at the start of the following meeting for the approval of the Board.  The Secretary shall insure that these minutes be posted on the website monthly.

The League Board will form committees to study and report on any subject or topic that it deems is in the best interest of the league.


Elections and Terms of Office


All terms of office for elected officials shall be for one year. Election and installation of the President and Vice-President will take place at the season ending award ceremony.  The Treasurer will be nominated by the elected President and confirmed by the Governing Board at the first fall Captain’s Meeting.  The Secretary will be elected at the league organizational meeting.    All duties and responsibilities are to be passed over within seven days of this election.

The election of a President and Vice-President must have the majority of the votes by secret ballot of the membership present at the season-ending banquet.  Those who cannot be present for the election shall be given the opportunity to cast absentee ballots.  These ballots shall be made available by the Election Committee one week prior to the election.  They must be turned into either the Election Committee or their team Captain.  All absentee ballots must be presented prior to the election to be counted as valid.

Nominations, in written form, will be accepted from March 1st until ten (10) days before the season-ending banquet.

Should an officer resign, the President, or highest remaining officer, shall appoint an individual to fill the vacant position until the next League Board meeting.  At this time the position will be voted on by majority vote of the League Board.

The recall of any elected official will require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the entire League Captains that are then in good standing.


Duties and Responsibilities



  1. Shall preside over all League Board meetings, league organizational meetings, Captain’s meetings and activities.
  2. Shall oversee all league operations and duties of other elected league officials.
  3. May assign other duties to elected officials and captains as required.
  4. Shall enforce all league bylaws and rules.
  5. Shall ensure that the league is in compliance with all league sanctioning requirements, state and local regulations, and federal statutes.
  6. Shall cosign, along with the Treasurer, all league checks over two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).
  7. Is the highest elected official in the league.
  8. Will conduct all meetings in an organized and orderly manner according to Robert’s Rules of Order.
  9. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  10. Approves cancellations and rescheduling of all league-wide matches due to weather or circumstances.
  11. Shall have the power to deny membership to any applicant whose membership is deemed not to be in the best interest of the league. This applicant may appeal this to the League Board.
  12. Shall schedule all league matches.


  1. Shall preside over the President’s duties in his absence.
  2. Shall enforce all league bylaws and rules.
  3. Shall preside over the fund-raising committee and all fund raising activities.
  4. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  5. Shall attend all League Board, league organizational, and Captain’s meetings and all other league activities.
  6. Shall be designated Tournament Director of all league sponsored tournaments and shall decide site selections and formats for all tournaments. These decisions may be overturned by a majority vote of the League Board.
  7. Assist President in scheduling league matches.


  1. Shall maintain accurate records of all league activities.
  2. Shall keep minutes of all league meetings.
  3. Shall register all league members and maintain rosters and files. This roster must, at all times, match the list of paid members of the Treasurer.
  4. Shall provide members with all membership packets.
  5. Shall provide the league sanctioning body with all that is necessary to maintain league sanctioning requirements.
  6. Shall provide league statistics to the Team Captains in a timely fashion.
  7. Shall review report of deposits made by Treasurer for all player fees, sponsor fees and weekly fees in a timely fashion.
  8. Shall review report of deposits from Treasurer.
  9. Shall enforce all league by-laws and rules.
  10. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  11. Shall attend all League Board, league organizational and Captain’s meetings.
  12. Shall notify all individuals or teams involved in pending disciplinary actions, protests, appeals or league board actions.
  13. Shall verify with both team captains the status of all player transfers.


  1. Shall maintain accurate records of all league financial transactions.
  2. Shall prepare a monthly report for the League Board that balances income, expenses, and the bank statement. This report will be available to any Captain upon request.
  3. Shall along with the Secretary will ensure that all playing members are in good standing.
  4. Shall co-sign, along with the President, all league checks over two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).
  5. Shall make all bank deposits and provide report of deposits to President and Secretary.
  6. Shall enforce all league by-laws and rules.
  7. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  8. Shall participate along with the Vice-president on the fund-raising committee.
  9. Shall attend all League Board, league organizational and Captain’s meetings.

Team Captains

  1. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  2. Shall collect full legal names, addresses, phone numbers for all team players and team substitutes and submit to the Secretary.
  3. Shall make sure that all team members know the league sanctioning body rules.
  4. Shall maintain a qualified team as per league rules.
  5. Shall be responsible for the sportsmanlike attitude of the team.
  6. Shall collect and turn in match fees timely.
  7. Shall maintain their teams finances to know who has paid each week.
  8. Home team captain will make sure visiting team submits their weekly fee and will appropriately mark the scoresheet of all finances received and turned in.
  9. Shall fill in match score sheets properly and completely.
  10. Shall turn in electronic copy (text or email) of final timesheet to the Secretary.
  11. Shall maintain discipline at matches.
  12. Shall keep members informed of all league business.
  13. Shall delegate responsibility in case of absence.
  14. Shall attend league organizational meeting and all other Captains meetings.
  15. Shall abide by and enforce during match play all JBA bylaws and regulations.
  16. Shall notify the Secretary of all player expulsions or transfers.
  17. Shall coordinate with all other team captains the transfer of players.

All Players (Team Members and League Substitutes)

  1. Shall know all league sanctioning body rules.
  2. Shall provide full legal name, address and phone number to team captain.
  3. Shall accept all referee rulings and calls graciously.
  4. Shall pay all fees in a timely fashion.
  5. Shall attend all team meetings (except league substitutes).
  6. Shall attend all league matches when scheduled to play.
  7. Shall shoot to their ability.
  8. Shall elect a team captain (except league substitutes).
  9. Shall promote professionalism, good sportsmanship, and friendship at all matches.
  10. Shall abide by all JBA bylaws and regulations.


Dues, Fees and Charges


Team registration fees are $100.00 per team.. All team registration fees are subject to change as determined by the League Board and which are in the best interest of the League.

Each player shall pay the league sanctioning fee, currently $15.00 (this fee is subject to the published sanctioning fee through the league sanctioning body website) plus $15.00 for each league in which the player participates; for a total of $30 for first league participation. The League Board has the option to provide a discount for registration prior to the beginning of league play to encourage player registration.

Weekly fees are $50 per team (5-player teams) or $40 per team (4-player teams).  All weekly fees are subject to change as determined by the League Board and which are in the best interest of the league.  The team with a forfeited player must still pay the entire weekly fee.  During the playoffs the fee is the same as the weekly fee plus $10 for any additional players over the normal number of shooters.  All players must be registered by 6:00 PM on the first night of their play.   Team and individual scores for either team shall not be added to the statistics and standings until all fees are paid.  Fees and scoresheets are to be turned in at league drop boxes or given to the league secretary.

Those teams having debts to the league shall settle all debts by start of playoffs or forfeit all awards including individual awards.  The association board shall have the authority to generate sanctions on any team not complying with this section.


League Season


The 8-ball season shall be at least 8 weeks combined regular season and playoffs as determined by the League Board.  Other leagues will be determined at the organizational meetings.

Scheduling shall make an attempt to balance a sponsor’s schedule of home and away games.

League play start shall be determined by the League Board.  League team and individual signups will be scheduled by the League Board and published on the JBA website ( and other social media.  Team signups are closed one week prior to the start of league play in order to process the schedule (exceptions to the can be made when in the best interest of the league).

The board may consider handicap play during the season to ensure competitive play.


Award Structure and Eligibility


The goal of this league is to see that both superior play and participation is recognized. It is also recognized that with a different number of teams and players each year that it is very difficult to fully put into place a permanent award structure. It is with that in mind that these bylaws will set up some specific categories and guidelines for distribution.

Any games played while a substitute will not count toward games played while as a member of a team.

Players who wish to qualify for the Las Vegas trip to play team nationals must play a representative schedule of competition and play at least 60% of the league scheduled season.  This also includes Playoffs.  If a team cannot field a full team for Vegas but has 3 regular season players able to participate, the team can still qualify for Vegas.  The remaining spots on the team will be filled with the top ranked individual players.

Players who accept the award of a trip to the Las Vegas league sanctioning body’s Team Nationals shall abide by all Juneau Billiard Association Vegas rules, which are provided prior to departure.  Las Vegas qualifying players are held to the same standard as if participating in local events.  Any player participating in league play or other league event and is guilty of a major violation shall, at the discretion of the league board, be barred from league functions and will forfeit any year-end awards including qualification for Las Vegas.

If a random draw team is part of the award structure, any team that was awarded a random draw Vegas trip in the previous year are ineligible for the random draw. Teams that have not paid their full fees are also ineligible for the random draw.  A team for awards eligibility is considered when 3 or more players from previous season play in the current season on the same team.


Award Structure


The League Board will pass projected award structures for all applicable leagues, including both team and individual player awards, at the March League Board meeting.


Team Standings


The team standings shall be based on the league sanctioning body’s electronic scoring and tracking system if one is available.  If two teams finish tied, the first tie breaker is head-to-head matchup, then team average.  The league board may consider how to resolve ties including a flip of the coin if not resolved by these methods.


Individual Standings


Individual standings shall be based on the league sanctioning body’s online scoring system with an individual having to playing 60% of all scheduled matches (FOR DISCUSSION: regular season and/or playoffs?) in order to receive any individual scoring award. These percentages will be rounded to the nearest complete number of weeks (49% and below rounded down; 50% and up rounded up) and the requisite numbers announced by the League Board as soon as the schedule is finalized. All individual player forfeits shall be individually scored as W/F there will be no points scored by the individual player. Teams that have had opponents forfeit to them shall be eligible to receive credit for the games for individual qualifying for post-season awards.  Players will, however, be given credit for having been there to attempt to play the forfeited match as if they actually played a scored match. If two 8-ball players tie with the same average the first tiebreaker is the number of games played and the second tiebreaker is points against. The player with the lowest points against shall have the higher placement. If two 9-ball players tie with the same winning percentage, the tiebreaker is total number of games won.  In the event that two or more players are tied for a league award, the players will have a playoff with the game race (i.e. race to 7), date and time to be determined by mutual agreement.  In the event that two or more players are tied for a league award, the players will have a playoff with the format, game race (i.e. race to 7), date and time to be determined by mutual agreement.




Since, at the beginning of the league season, all teams committed to playing the full schedule of matches all teams will be expected to turn in weekly match fees.  If a match is postponed or not played, the fees for that match must still be paid.  Any team that has not paid their full match fees for the year will not be eligible for post-season awards including the random team draw for the trip to Nationals in Las Vegas.

A player must be a member of a team at the close of the league season in order to qualify for post-season awards. Players who start out the season as alternates must complete the season by playing 60% of their matches within a team format in order to qualify for post-season awards.


Standards of Conduct and Sportsmanship


To maintain a quality and successful relationship with the owners, managers, and employees of the establishments in which we play as well as with our fellow players, this league will have set standards for the conduct of individuals and teams before, during and after scheduled league events.


Major Violations


These can result in at least the forfeiture of a game or match for either an individual or a team when these infractions occur during play. There shall be no points scored or awarded for these. There shall also be no opportunity for rematch. These losses of game or match shall be scored in the same way as forfeits. The League Board could, upon further review, impose additional sanctions such as forfeiture of post-season awards. These could be suspension for a number of games or expulsion from the league.

If these major violations do not occur during play but occur when a player or a team are at an establishment because of league play or a league sponsored events then the player or team is deemed to still be a representative of the league and so falls under this code of conduct and review by the League Board.

Following are some, but not all, cases of what will be considered to be a major violation.


  1. Physically touching or pushing another player in an aggressive way.
  2. Pushing, threatening or intimidation of a referee.
  3. Raising a fist, cue or any object as a weapon.
  4. Turning over tables or chairs in anger.
  5. Threatening language.
  6. Being addressed by an owner, manager, or employee of any establishment concerning unbecoming or aggressive behavior.
  7. Throwing any item in a hostile fashion for the purpose of injury or intimidation.
  8. Forcibly altering the position of the balls during a match.
  9. Destruction of any property before, during or after any match.
  10. Refusal to follow the instructions of the referee.
  11. Sexual harassment of any kind.


Minor Violations


These shall result in a verbal warning from the League Board that a certain individual’s or a certain team’s conduct is unbecoming and not up to the standards of this league. Two of these violations in consecutive matches or three in a season will result in a major violation.

Following are some cases that would be considered minor violations.

  1. Abusive language.
  2. Interference with or harassment of another player or individual.
  3. Walking out of a match.


Player Expulsions


The League Board must approve any transfer of a player who is expelled from a team by a majority of its members to another team before this player may resume normal league play.


Player Recruiting


The recruiting of players who are already the members of existing teams will be held to the highest ethical and sportsmanlike standards. The League Board, for possible member or team sanctions, will review possible violations of these standards.


General Bylaws


  1. All membership fees must be paid prior to the start of any match.
  2. The home team captain will collect and be responsible for all fees and score sheets from his team and the visiting team. Each captain will submit an electronic copy of the final scoresheet as soon as match is completed to the Secretary either by text or email. The home captain will turn in these scoresheets and fees at the designated drop boxes or give to the league secretary by 6:00 p.m. the following day after the match was played.
  3. Only players shooting the match and the referee, if requested, may call fouls or concession of play. If a referee is not being used, either player may call upon their team captain or another person to act as a referee and observe any close calls. Referees decisions are final – no discussion.
  4. The highest authorities at each match are the captains. Captains have the authority to call unsportsmanlike conduct at any match subject to final review by the league board.
  5. All disputes or protests not resolved by the team captains at the match are to be brought before the League Board. This should be in writing. All attempts will be made to complete the match and may include replaying the protested game.
  6. It is each players’ responsibility to make sure they are maintaining a proper position during the match from which play can be observed.
  7. Each team shall field a full team for match play. Any team not able to field at least two league-registered players must either forfeit the match or arrange for a time for a rematch. The team that has fielded a full complement is under no obligation to do so but in the interest of friendship and sportsmanship is encouraged to do so. There are no penalties for the first two (2) requested reschedules.  For the 3rd and any subsequent requests, the team requesting a reschedule shall pay all match fees for the rescheduled match at the time the match was to have been played (fees must be paid in the week they are due even in the event of a reschedule).  Teams that play short will have the missing slots scored as L/F which add onto the score sheet as zero. The team present will have those matches scored as W/F which add onto the score sheet as a win. This win will not be added into the game score average of the individual player.
  8. Every effort to set a reschedule shall be made at the time of request. The team requesting the reschedule will give at least 24-hour notice.  No team may request a reschedule when they have an outstanding requested reschedule.  Rescheduled matches shall be played no later than one month after regularly scheduled date.  The President has the option of assigning a reschedule date (normally on a Thursday night by assigning a back-to-back match). Each team will field a minimum of 50% of team players, and the score will be final. The team which asked for the original reschedule is responsible for the match fee (as outlined in section “Dues, Fees and Charges”) which must be paid during the week in which the match was originally scheduled.
  9. Rosters will be exchanged no later than five minutes before play is to begin. Players may be listed in any order.  While games should be played in order but in the interest of friendship and sportsmanship, teams are encouraged to work around late or missing players as much as possible.
  10. Substitute players do not have to sanction fee for first 2 weeks of play.  The sanction fee and league fee for the substitute player must be paid by the 3rd week of play.  If the fees are not paid, the team will not get scores for that substitute player recorded until the fee is paid.
  11. No physically capable rostered-player may sit and watch a match where a substitute is used.
  12. Play will begin at 7:00 p.m. unless otherwise agreed upon by the team captains. A 15-minute grace period will be given prior to any forfeit of the match.  The league may change this time for the playoffs.  Teams may change start time by mutual agreement.
  13. The captain of any team who allows an unregistered player or player who is not in good standing to play during a league match may be barred from play for the remainder of the season and may be found not to be in good standing. The player shall also be barred from play for the remainder of the season.
  14. Teams using an unregistered player may forfeit their match with no opportunity for rematch. They may also forfeit any opportunities for awards.
  15. Each scheduled match must be played or forfeited.
  16. If at the scheduled rematch either team cannot field a regulation team that team will be scored as a forfeit with no make-up.
  17. Individuals and team captains are responsible for double-checking their own team and individual scores. Submitted scoresheets are final.
  18. Home and away teams will be designated on the schedule.
  19. Tables for matches will be reserved for one-half hour for practice prior to the match. Each team will be given equal play on the tables designated for that match. The home team will practice for the first fifteen minutes and the visiting team for the second fifteen minutes unless otherwise agreed by captains.
  20. Home teams are responsible for the fees for the tables if the place of play decides that there will be a charge for table use.
  21. The Secretary of each league shall maintain a list of paid players that are willing to play for any team as an approved substitute. These players will constitute a pool for teams that are short. Players on this list will not be eligible for individual prizes or awards.
  22. Players switching teams may do so by registering with the Secretary and paying a $5 fee. No switching will be allowed during the last four weeks of regulation play.
  23. Transferring players may not play until the Secretary has notified the new captain that this player may play.