Whether it be praise or criticism, the vitality of our league’s success and growth are its members.  It’s crucial that team captains and members alike encourage one another to share ANY feedback to the Board and its officers.  This also includes this website!

Feel free to make comments below.  Any ideas you have will be discussed and considered.  Should you choose to have your questions, comments, or concerns directed in more private manner, most of our officers are available to contact individually and can be found below.  If you have a grievance regarding JBA or would like to make an official complaint, a form has been created to facilitate your needs regarding this matter.  It can be downloaded here:

Grievance and Suggestion Form

Completed forms can be emailed directly to:  president@juneaupool.com

President: Ken Southerland

PH: (907) 723-5043

Vice President: Mark Rackley

PH: (907) 209-5431

Secretary: Sam Martin

Treasurer: Rachael Helf